Catherine Bailey, Daisy Lowe and Tiah Eckhardt for Agent Provocateur

Catherine Bailey may be 46, but she’s still gorgeous enough to hold her own against young models, Daisy Lowe and Tiah Eckhardt, in Agent Provocateur’s latest campaign ‘The Lady of the Manor’.

Bailey was cast as the leading lady because Agent Provocateur founder, Serena Rees, was intrigued by her “sexual magnetism” and she wanted to use a women who was over 40 because of the saying that women have their best sex after 40.

‘The Lady of the Manor’ campaign see’s Bailey playing an “archly sexy chatelaine” in charge of two maids played by Lowe (Pearl Lowe & Gavin Rosedale’s daughter) and Eckhardt (a flame haired Aussie model). She’s photographed wearing all sorts of naughty little lingerie, while looking every inch the sexy and alluring woman.

“People’s attitudes to [older models] are changing. Why can’t you be sexual? Why can’t you wear great underwear and be fabulous? Older women shouldn’t disappear. I want to see them wearing that stuff,” she told The Times.

Check out the Lady of the Manor book at the Agent Provocateur website now, it reportedly includes erotic comics by Tim Major.

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  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    I’m wondering a) if hubbie david bailey made the wife look so gorgeous, and b) if the ‘Aussie’ Eckhardt is related to glamorous 60’s/70’s model Maggie Eckhardt?

    Agent Provocateur’s mother is having a big do in London any minute. The tickets sold out, Georgia May jagger is modelling, and I think it’s at the which is a museum of boucher watteau and fragonard paintings

    There will be bigtime dress-ups in the audience of course.

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