Rihanna on MTV’s TRL in high waisted stone washed jeans

I brought my first pair of high waisted denim shorts last week; they’re flat fronted, flattering and one shade of denim. I am now a fan of the high waist, but only if the cut and colour is right. And I can’t say that Rihanna’s stone-washed high-waisted black denim jeans she wore on MTV’s TRL last week (with Josh Harnett!) were quite right.

Kudos to her for rocking out the shape and pairing it with a sexy black bustier trimmed with neon green and bright yellow nails. But I’m not a fan of the jeans. Look at that waist band!

Bold look, but just not quite right on target.

[Image from Just Jared]


  • Laura says:

    Those jeans are frightening. Go back to the 90s!!

  • Chic and Charming says:

    Agreed, those jeans are retro in a bad way!

  • linn says:

    Those Jeans are hot . they pit well and and shape her bottom. Form fitting and no BUtt crack..lets get real ..there nothing that looks better then a Nice butt in jaens that form a nice shape.,

  • La Toiya says:

    Yeah Rih-Rih! Go Head sistah, They cant touch ya style, nor get away with it, Only you! Love em, absolutely love em, they probly cost a fortune, but im on the prowl looking for a pair! Jah bless

  • noe says:

    I am wondering where did she buy those jeans i want a pair just like that….hellla cute

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