Possible Balenciaga face, Jennifer Connelly wears brand on red carpet

Rumors are flying around that Jennifer Connelly is going to be the face of Balenciaga’s spring summer 2008 advertising campaign. Adding fuel to the fire, the actress wore a Balenciaga spring 2008 dress first modeled by Natalia Vodianova to the LA premiere of Reservation Road. Jennifer also wore the zebra coloured sandals too, but lost the shin pads.

Does the look work off the catwalk? And does anyone else find the celebrity/designer paring a bit unexpected?


  • Chen says:

    Even though a lot of people have said this spring balenciaga show is unwearable, I actually love the concept and how it sits on Jennifer. In my opinion she should have gone with the shin pads for a more complete couture look because there isn’t any other way of wearing it. The strong armour-like silhouette with the pretty flower print I think is an amazing contrast that works.

  • Melissa says:

    I’ve never thought of Jennifer as high fashion, let along a face of a edgy fashion brand like Balenciaga. Strange pairing for sure.

  • Tary says:

    In response to Chen’s comment, if an outfit has to be worn exactly as it is on the runway, then the outfit is not wearable off the runway. An outfit is only interesting when it can be broken up and match with others, allowing the wearer to experiment with different looks.

  • Lisa says:

    If you ask me, the shoes don’t even go with the dress. The dresses silhouette is so strong that it just overwhelms everything.

  • Chen says:

    I didn’t mean that it can’t be worn in any other way, I would have loved to see the dress with some black sandals rather than the zebra print ones, but if Jennifer was going to wear the shoes too then she needed the shin pads for some context. The way she is wearing them at the moment looks mismatched- colourful flowers with black and white stripes is not a good look. As for the shoes, they would look amazing with plain shorts in my opinion. So it is definitely an interesting few pieces from balenciaga for me.

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