News bites: Irina and Pete engaged, Gwyneth eats her way around Spain, Vogue wears a bin liner

Things have been quite interesting in the world of fashion and the fashionable people…

  • The news that rocked the fashion world the most is the engagement news of Irina Lazareanu and Pete Doherty. It’s a little controversial becase Irina is good friends with Kate Moss, even modelling her Topshop collection with her, while Pete… well we’ve all heard about his liaisons with Kate. Now the pair that have been making music together for years are reportedly engaged – Irina even has a ring and all.
  • Not much has been heard about Gwyneth Paltrow of late, but she did make and appearance recently to announce that she would be embarking on a foodie road trip around Spain in search of the perfect meal called Spain… on the road again.
  • A British Vogue reporter wore a BLD (Bin Liner Dress) to Milan Fashion Week. Yup. Louise Roe had Derby University student, Ceri Bartlett, put together a strapless black dress made out of bin liners for her to wear at Milan Fashion Week. Apparently it caught the eye of Sartorialist shooter, Scott Schulman and US Vogue EIC, Anna Wintour.


  • kate says:

    We probably haven’t heard much from Gwyneth as she and Chris Martin have been separated for the past two months and now look set to divorce.

  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    1. Kate’s comment above: I always wonder when wealthy gorgeous talented and lauded people separate, WHAT ON EARTH could they have been fighting about ?

    2. Irina is not stupid. her liaison with Shambles Doherty will make her a household name, and then she can break off the engagement.
    On the other hand, Kate Moss is beloved by all who know her, so many will cut Irina from their Invite lists.

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