Marc Jacobs spring 2008 shoes or United Nude shoes?

Check out these shoes (pictured left) on the Marc Jacobs spring 2008 runway.

I love the purple pair because of the quirky colour and loopy detail on the toe, while the black pumps with the white capped toe are channeling just enough of Chanel to be very chic. The patent leather court shoes with a stub coming out of the arch are certainly interesting to look at, but would you wear them?

If you would, why not try these United Nude metallic leather pumps from ASOS (above right) until the Marc Jacobs ones come out.

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  • Susan says:

    they are the ugliest effin things i’ve seen. maybe for ‘art’ purposes, fine they can get away with it but are we seriously expected to wear that out in the general public???

  • Kate says:

    The United Nude shoes completely miss the artistry of the Marc Jacobs shoes. Did they not notice that the MJ shoes actually have a heel coming out at an angle perpendicular to the angle they sit in normal shoes?

    Notwithstanding that, both are hideous (though the colours in the MJ are pretty). They look entirely impractical and they also look like the heels would break easily due to the centre of gravity. Also, you wouldn’t want to lean back too far!

  • Chen says:

    Very artistic, I like your point about them Kate. Oh they must be so painful to wear though because it seems like all the pressure is now on the ball of the foot. I wouldn’t even be able to rest my feet on my heels or a stair.

  • Dusk says:

    Hmmm…aesthetically very pleasing (the MJ pairs)but very impractical. Not enough weight distribution.
    I truly love the purple MJ pair. Would definitely wear them. If only the stub came back more to line up with the heel….or I got carried everywhere!

    Funnily enough, the United Nude pair is ‘safer’ and is actually balanced (from what I can see from the angle of the image), with enough heel to provide weight cushioning.

  • Lisa says:

    I wonder how the Marc Jacobs heels can support a person’s weight. I’d be too worried that the shoe would collapse under me to wear them for long.

  • kate says:

    Lisa, perhaps they are only build for 45kg model types!

  • Marie says:

    …They don’t look very comfortable.

  • Adeine says:

    The United Nude shoes were modelled after the Eams chair… very conceptual. Not my favourite design from United Nude, but still quirky. The UN shoes are easier to walk on than the Marc Jacobs or Chanel ones are, (Well said, Dusk) due to the angle of the heel (is it still considered a heel?). Mind you the materials used in UN shoes are industrial-strength, and can safely bear the weight of an average woman. Check out the Mobius shoe by UN – easily my favourite pair. A bit of added cheek, also: the UN Porn shoes. Cheers everyone.

  • Contessa says:

    ….they are two different propositions therefore cannot be compared. The United Nude shoe is all about structure & cantilever, the Marc jacobs shoe is all about “the gag”..I would dare say even alla Moschino…United Nude have done the cantilever for YEARS – see their porn range – i have the both of them – the most comfortable “heels” EVA….

  • Johanna says:

    While you would be worrying about your MJ heels getting scratched and ruined, the Unite Nude heel gives you a strong metal heel that doesn’t scratch so easy, they are also really strong and comfortable since they are design by an architect. As per the MJ heels…Good Luck at the Repair shop!!!

  • Farah says:

    To Kate who totally not have a sense of art:
    You said “The United Nude shoes completely miss the artistry of the Marc Jacobs shoes”, so can you tell me the definition of the word ‘artistry’? And how did you based your conclusion on what you think art should be?
    Both shoes are designed beyond the ‘standard’ perception of how high heeled shoes should be, both shoes are art pieces, but both of then have a very different starting point. The United Nude shoes were inspired by the Eams chair – A timeless classic chair, while the Marc Jacobs shoes were designed to make a fashion statement.
    Kate, you can say that you dont like the way Eams shoes look, and you like the ones from Mark Jacobs; but you cannot and do not have the basic knowledge to say that the United Nude Eamz shoes lacks art in the design because it doesnt. From design, attention to details to comfort, the Eamz win by a clear mile. Whats left for you to say, is your personal preference – wheater you like it or hate.

  • Johnna says:

    To Farah:

  • Foxy says:

    I hate these shoes

  • Heather says:

    First off – let’s be clear. United Nude invented this type of heel and called it the Eamz shoe or Eamz heel and it was inspired by the iconic Eams chair.

    Marc Jacobs was ‘inspired’ by United Nude’s design and has subsequently ‘lifted’ (or perhaps copied) the design of that shoe for his Spring 2008 collection.

    My personal opinion is that the Marc Jacobs shoes look slightly off and will probably not be as comfortable as the Eamz heel is (the most comfortable heel I’ve ever walked in – and that’s saying a lot…)

  • hannah says:

    the united nude eamz won a competition recently held on gok kwan fashion show – for ‘most comfortable high heels’… beating off competition from a host of designer labels (including MJ). they are beautifully made and come in a variety of colors and incidentally launched over a year before the MJ shoes came out. the conceptual eamz ‘sampling’ design transcends any fashion whims… the photo does not really do them justice – i really recommend trying them out before jumping to any conclusions!

  • Nicole says:

    I actually own the United Nude Eamz shoes and even though they may not look comfortable, they amazingly are. I work for a international architecture firm and they are amazed they are designed by an architect after a famous chair, which we now have in our office. I always get complements when I wear them. Try them out you’ll see for yourself 🙂

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