Kate Moss is starting (reviving) a hair trend

Gone are the bed head locks, Kate Moss has a head of luscious shiny hair – with a fringe (aka bangs). It could have something to do with recently launched hair care range, James Brown London, with hair stylist to the stars, James Brown.

According to Brown, the new hair addition came when the pair got together after launching their hair care range and decided to do a bit of trimming.

“I love Kate’s hair a shorter length and the fringe really looks amazing,” he said “She hasn’t had a fringe for a long time but it makes her look really fresh and sexy. There’s almost an element of a young Michelle Pfeiffer from the Eighties.”

New hair care range, new do, new trend? Then again, fringes were a trend earlier this year, so is she just reviving one?

[Image via Daily Mail and Vogue.co.uk]