John Galliano’s latest muse – Mylene Jampanoi

Christian Dior’s John Galliano has a long list of muses, it started once upon a time in a fashion fairytale with lady Amanda Harlech, and stretches on from the likes of Eva Green and Charlize Theron, to Mylène Jampanoï (pictured above with Galliano at a AIDS benefit in Cannes last year). The WWD reports that the Franco-Chinese actress is set to appear in a Dior beauty campaign, soon to be released in the US and Asia.

Who is Mylène and why is she a Galliano muse?

Well, Mylène is a French actress with a Chinese father and French mother, and after some digging I came to the conclusion she is a muse because of her mixed race ancestry. There is nothing like a person who’s grown up being influenced by two different cultures. It’s a little exotic and they have a slightly different outlook on things.

A fact I found interesting was that Jampanoï learning to speak her father’s language, Chinese Mandarin, phonetically for her Sino-French movie, Les Filles Du Botaniste (The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters). To top all of that off, she is also married to Scotland born, model-turned-actor Milind Soman, who is the object of affection for many women in India, last year.

[Partly sourced from WWD]

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