Gemma Ward to help poverty-stricken Africa

She’s well known for gracing the covers and pages of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines, but now Gemma Ward is using her well recognised face to help fight poverty in Africa.

A recent trip to Malawi brought Ward face to face with the hardship that confronts many locals every day. Ward said it was a life-changing experience … the young model now wants to raise more than $500,000 in the next four years to do her bit to fight poverty in Africa.

“One of the most touching experiences I had in Malawi was meeting a 17-year-old girl who lived with her 1-year-old son in a one-by-three-metre straw hut,” Ward said. “She left her husband from her first arranged marriage because she did not want to be one of his many wives. She told me she would never marry again. She had nothing to eat for dinner that night.”

Ward visited Malawi with her father, with the charity organisation The Hunger Project, and after the their trip the pair decided that they would like to raise enough money to build a community house, to help the Malawi locals.

According to reports, Ward is planning to hold a celebrity event and auction in New York next year to help raise money. Top auction items will most likely include tickets to a rock concert with a supermodel escort (I wonder which friend she will hit up to help), a cruise to the Antarctic and lessons from a celebrity golfer.

[Image and sourced via PerthTimes]

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