Following Anna Wintour around fashion week

At the Fall 2007 runway collections in February/March, and not all of the camera’s were focused on what was on the runway. Some were focused on Vogue’s editor in chief, Anna Wintour; her bob, her sunglasses, the fur coats and the ever present Andre Leon Talley and her entourage.

While this clip called Signe Anna is in French, the commentary is so enthusiastic that it’s hilarious. And as a side note, the commentators point out that Anna wore the same dress on Sunday and Monday. Noooo… not Anna!

P.S. The team who put this together apparently introduced more members of her staff, including Teen Vogue editor, Amy Astley, in their Spring 2008 show clip. They were quoted as saying (in French) “who is this woman with the same hairstyle?”


  • Sophie the French Girl says:

    This is so funny!!
    They’re talking about how the documentary about her is going to be so fake. They say she wore the same dress because of something that was badly filmed or something… and she’s only smiling when she thinks the camera’s there!

  • Chic and Charming says:

    I think its funny how Andre ends up looking like an incredibly chic bodyguard.

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