Dries van Noten thinks David Beckham tries too hard

It’s always interesting to hear what fashion designers think about that breed of human, also known as celebrity. Belgian designer, Dries van Noten, doesn’t think David Beckham is stylish, in fact he thinks he tries too hard. I couldn’t agree more.

In his 10 definitive Rules of Style in Details’ Holiday Issue, rule number 3 is:

3. Everybody dresses the way they want to dress. David Beckham – he’s trying very hard. I’m not so fond of his look, but I think a lot of people consider it extremely stylish. So who am I to say it’s unstylish? I’m not a dictator.

He also adds his two cents worth on gay vs straight men’s style and comments on how people should be dressing they’re kids (i.e. NOT as mini-adults!).

Check out the full list at the Details website – what do you think of Jonathan Rhys Meyers on the cover? Hot stuff huh?


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  • Bianca says:

    Awww that’s sweet, you just want to hug Dries for saying what he thought in such a nice way.

  • Arnaud via Caroline-Christa Bernard says:

    Beautiful photography. My closed friend, Caroline-Christa Bernard, Artists Management, presented me the creation of stylist Dries Van Noten. Arnaud.

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