Courtney Love paid for her front-row appearances?

Ah wouldn’t it be nice, being paid for attending a fashion show instead of having to fork out to register, pay the cabs, etc? That’s what the is reporting that Courtney Love has the luxury of.

Did Courtney Love … rack up a lot of income for her front-row appearances ? The rock star told The New York Times at the Marc Jacobs show last month: “I’ve only gone to one other fashion show and they paid me.”

While she did show up at a lot of the spring summer 2008 fashion shows in Paris last week (Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Lanvin to name a few), Love won’t reveal whether or not she was paid to attend any of them. “It’s no one’s business,” Love said.

Well I suppose fashion editors are paid for visiting fashion shows, but is for their jobs – researching trends and reporting on shows. What do you think?

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  • Marie says:

    Fashion editors get paid to go to fashion show but I am assuming some work is produced afterwards. Sitting and watching a fashion show doesn’t sound like a great deal of work..and if you were paying someone why Courtney Love? Was she cheap?!
    I reckon if designers are silly enough to pay her why not?

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