Anna Piaggi and Gareth Pugh at Givenchy’s spring 2008 show

Two of fashion’s most eccentric characters in Anna Piaggi and Gareth Pugh sat side by side on the front row of Givenchy’s spring 2008 runway show.

I just had to have a giggle when I saw this picture. It looks like they both loved the vertical striped suit and decided to share it with Anna wearing the pants and Gareth wearing the jacket. Also, get a load of their shoes. Definitely one of my favourite front row snaps – much more interesting than seeing endless Demi Moore wearing the designers gear photos.


  • Miranda says:

    Now if only we could see gareth wear one of his own crazy designs.

  • kate says:

    How amazing was the Givenchy collection? Sure, not super spring like, but WOW! I love the suts and shapes. I wish I could afford to buy half of the collection. And the shoes!? *dies* Amazing! I want the natural coloured knee highs!

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