NYFW S/S 2008: Marc Jacobs

Always one that can be relied upon to do something different on the New York runways, Marc Jacobs started his Spring 2008 catwalk show with a wave to the crowd. Then came the fabulous gowns, followed by cocktail dresses, and then the day pieces. It was a fashion show in reverse.

His Spring 2008 collection progressed amazingly well from his 1950s inspired Fall 2007/08 collection, and met all my expectations. It featured a lot of similar shapes and colours, either straight or billowy, there were the reconstructed dresses, and the surreal styling gave the viewer a feeling that the women were trying on their mothers wardrobe in a eclectic mix that made for fascinating viewing. I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the mix of bold colours, ruffles, prints, black satin, tailored suits, and the odd toga like dress were definitely something different.

Of his collection, Marc commented back stage that it was a “cartoon version of all the women I know – conservative types, vamps, everybody.” Best to let you watch the collection unfold, rather than read my rant.


  • Kate says:

    Yuk yuk yuk. I hated almost all of it. The super sheer fabrics, the visible bras and most of all the number of dresses that just looked like they were unfinished scraps of fabric hastily sewn together. And that poor final model almost tripping over.

    There was just so little there that I would even contemplate wearing, let alone buying. Though I can already see Nicole Ritchie in the green playsuit and paris in the pink ruffled dress.

  • Laura says:

    The styling was like Teen Vogue went crazy. So bad, no wonder his collection was panned.

  • Simone D'Orsonne says:

    What’s with the super-ugly hair and bored, miserable-looking models? Bring back models like Naomi, who was beautiful and actually smiled at times, including when she went ass-over-turkey in massize heels. This collection is just unattractive and unwearable. Are these clothes???

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