News Bites: Gisele covers Vogue Paris, 4 decades of Cosmo covers, Heidi Klum sings

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a model had to sing for her supper? Would she sing or just not eat? Also what if a fashion magazine can’t decide between 5 sexy picture of their cover model?

  • French Vogue looks like they couldn’t decide what gorgeous picture of Gisele Bundchen to print on their October 2008 cover. So they printed them all. It’s not fair that a girl can look so fabulous in a black shirt and silver belt. No wonder her hair do it the most wanted one in the world. [via Fashion Verbatim]
  • Elizabeth Hurley on the cover of Cosmopolitan? What is this, the nineties? Well it’s not, but it is when Elizabeth Hurley appeared on the cover of US Cosmopolitan – in 1997 to be exact. Find out who (and what cover lines) was on the covers of Cosmopolitan 10, 20, and 30 years ago. [via Jezebel]
  • Heidi Klum sings for her supper. Well, she is probably set with supper for life so perhaps not, but it is interesting to hear that she will be singing a duet with hubby Seal on his new album, System. The song is called Wedding Day, written by Seal about the couple’s wedding day in Mexico in May 2005. [via People]


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