Meet Elle, Yves Saint Laurent’s newest fragrance

The promo site is asking the question – Who is elle? All will be revealed on October 1st 2007 at far all we know is that Elle is Yves Saint Laurent’s newest fragrances, with a bright pink long rectangular tube bottle. The description of the fragrance reads:

Yves Saint Laurent’s newest fragrance, Elle, is a ‘new era’ for YSL. Elle is a very feminine scent with a touch of the masculine. The fragrance is said to be woody, spicy and floral. It was created by perfumers Jacques Cavallier and Oliver Cresp of Firmenish, one of the top companies in the fragrance and flavour business.

It’s muse for the fragrance? YSL described a modern and urban woman, very feminine but with a touch of the masculine.

More news when we find out more!


  • Nicole says:

    What a pretty pink bottle. But the name is a little bit of a mouth full don’t you think? YSL elle… it’s like you have to say the L again.

  • Dante says:

    She is not a famous girl or a celebritie… the top model is Coco Rocha, a canadian girl and when you see the spot… believe me, you’ll jump from your sits. I promise.
    The fragance is really original: leeche, vetyver, peony, freesia,cidra and pink pepper. really new.

  • val fischer says:

    love the bottle and all your fragrances

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