Marc Jacobs show delay drama, then threats to move show to Paris

People are still talking about how the Marc Jacobs spring 2008 show was two hours late, and how one of the world’s most respected fashion journalists, Suzy Menkes did not approve (in her piece for the International Herald Tribune, she called the show a “freak show”). So Marc suggested that she not attend.Suzy wrote:

The entire event was a parody of fashion now: the inexcusably late start as the 9 p.m. show began at 11 p.m.; the mobs of paparazzi snapping anyone half-known on the big or small screen; invitees treating the show like the ultimate party, although the whistles and roars turned to a whimper by the end. And in Jacobs’s Alice in Wonderland world, the end was at the beginning, as the designer ran out whooping while the parade of models marched in reverse order down the catwalk. (Martin Margiela first did this more than a decade ago).

In response to all people (including influential fashion editors at the NY Times, Washington Post and perhaps even Anna Wintour who dashed out of the show before the light came back on) who were critical of his late start, Marc said: “I work my ass off. I don’t take vacations. I don’t have homes all over the world. I don’t ride horses: I fucking work for a living. Again, like this idea, you have a family? OK, well that’s nice, I don’t, and I work. So leave me alone and don’t come to the show next time.

Marc has since threatened to move his collections to Paris to allow for extra time to prepare.

Diane von Furstenberg has spoken up in reply to Marc’s threats to move his Marc Jacobs show to Paris where he already shows for Louis Vuitton.

“This is a massive industry worldwide,” von Furstenberg said to the WWD. “We should all push back and be a little more respectful. Everyone is overwhelmed with too many shows. But everyone means well. We have to mean well. But we have to look at the industry as a global force.”

The New York schedule being moved up “little by little” has made it very difficult for designers, especially those who rely on Italy for fabrics. Most Italian mills shut down in August for the summer break.

Drama drama drama. To think that it was reported before New York Fashion Week started that he would not be inviting bloggers to his show, perhaps to avoid the drama that surrounded the Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker for Steve & Barry’s .

Well Marc, controversy seems to have occurred without bloggers getting their toes into the show.