Marc Jacobs and Giles Deacon for Mulberry gets banned at Heathrow

We’ve all heard about the drama surrounding Marc Jacobs recent spring 2008 show, and still the designers designs can seem to cut a break. Fully Chic is reporting that British customs seized a black patent vinyl Marc Jacobs handbag charm in the shape of a gun. It measured 14cm long, and was seized because “it contravened some new terrorism law.” Apparently a Giles Deacon for Mulberry bag charm shaped as a mace was also seizure in a separate incident.

First our handbags supply of lip glosses are to be held in a small clear baggy, along with other beauty essentials for a long haul international flight, now our designer bag charms are coming under inspection? It’s a good thing that when I went to the US last month I had no bag charms on my Chloe bag then. Not that I own a gun shaped or mini mace bag charm. One can dream.


  • Sarah says:

    I could understand why they might have been a little wary of the Giles Deacon for Mulberry bag charm, but a patent leather bag charm? Really!

  • Marie says:

    Cant say I’ve ever lusted after a mace or gun shaped bag charm but isn’t this taking things a little to far…mind you that mace compared to some things you cant take on flights is a lethal weapon.

  • Mae says:

    Nothing to do with the post, but did you know you are linked on Jeanswest’s site? You’re listed as one of their favourite sites! Pretty cool, hey? Congrats!

    And keep up the great work. I enjoy reading your blog. I lurk.

  • Helen says:

    Ohhh thanks for letting me know Mae. That’s nice of the people at Jeans West!

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