LFW S/S 2008: Julien Macdonald

Kate Gilbert reports live at London Fashion Week spring summer 2008

Getting into catwalk shows when you’ve just started out in this industry is a massive rush, it’s a bit like Christmas; you write off for invites and then wait with baited breath for them to plop through you’re letter box. Then there’s the excitement of actually going; getting to wear whatever you want and dress ultra-smart all week, pretending you are someone important, and most importantly, you get to strut. However, all of this is heightened when you manage to sneak into a show by devious means (cue evil laugh).

Last night, through a friend of a friend of a friend scenario, I managed to get into the Julien Macdonald show at the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Mayfair. It was a glittering and glamorous affair, and whilst I tried to keep my cool, inside I was as giddy as a school girl. Set in a fantastic ball room with huge chandeliers twinkling above the runway, the celeb-studded event attracted the paparazzi in droves. Girls Aloud, Erin O’Connor and many more littered the front row and there were goodie bags aplenty. Then there was the show itself. Despite the high powered dance remix soundtrack accompanying the show (bit tacky Julien), great 1920’s style flapper dresses covered in gold and silver beading, integrated belts, and the great shiny bling of it all made it a fantastic end to the day’s festivities.

I loved the belt waisted dresses with tiered bottoms and racer backs, in various sequinned colour combinations and patterns; I particularly liked the black and white striped top layer, teamed with the black, white and turquoise triangular underneath. Also the various safari jacket and city short combos with square pocket details teamed with silk scarves were very city-chic. Fine knit layering and all-in-one short suits made a great, well-rounded collection. Many of the outfits were accessorized with cute peaked box hats and the models simple high swinging ponytails swung beautifully as they strutted down the black catwalk.

The only thing that would have made the collection for me was that I was desperate for a glimpse of Naomi Campbell in a fur bikini or something else equally controversial, but unfortunately she was nowhere to be seen. My disappointment subsided however, when Julien Macdonald decided to show his obvious glee at his collection by grabbing a model at the end of the walk-through and run with her back down the catwalk. He then proceeded to swing her around in circles, causing her to laugh nervously and look quite uncomfortable. That Julien is one crazy kid.