Keira Knightley in Rodarte gets everyone talking

‘Thinspiration’ is a twenty first century word founded by girls who longed to be thin and held celebrities up on their inspiration pedestal, and boy does it cause controversy when heath and family groups get a sniff of the action.

The latest ‘thinspiration’ celebrity causing controversy on the red carpet is Keira Knightley in a gorgeous Rodarte dress at the UK premiere of her latest flick, Atonement. It seems her fat and muscle free chest has people worried about the state of her health.

Though the dark make up isn’t helping things, as it makes her look eyes look more hollow and sunken in. Aside of all of that, the dress is gorgeous – I love the way it twists, ruches and twists around the body.

What do you think?


  • Cassie says:

    I like her dress,is very sophisticated but she is carrying NO HANDBAG or CLUTCH ! The outfit is not complete!!! My designer suggestions: Marcela Calvet, Bottega Veneta, Pauric Sweeney. Come on, she is a beautiful girl and the dress looks great on her, but the lack of THE MOST IMPORTANT ACCESSORY ??? What was her stylist thinking !!!

  • tary says:

    She’s thin, definitely, and would probably look better if she put on a little on flesh. And undeniably, she’s flat-chest, which gives her an even more hollow look.

    But being thin does nnot means the person is unhealthy, or that the person is dieting. Some people are genetically thin. They don’t gain much weight or put on flesh easily. They do eat the normal amount of food and do feel healthly.

    Others may think they are blessed but more often, the thin people are the target of unfair remarks, false accusations that they are dieting and blindly pursuing thinness.

    I do not know about Kiera but it is only for those who know her well to say whether she is leading an abnormal lifestyle in the pursuit of thinness.

  • Rania says:

    I love the back of the dress!

  • pip says:

    I have always loved Keira Knightley for her sophisticated look. She has always been less than voluptuous. However, recently her fat free body has me concerned. Although I think that people who vehemently attack her are usually suffering from jealousy, I do not believe that her body is naturally THIS thin. Some changes in the fat quantity might be attributed to the way her body ages, but this is not normal. This dress is beautiful. Unfortunately it only highlights Knightley’s scarily thin frame. I sincerely hope that she regains some of the weight and looses that starved look in her cheeks.

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