Fragrance for men and for you? M by Mariah Carey vs Chanel and Dior

Last week I asked which was better, M by Mariah Carey or Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. This thought came about when I was I was staring into space on the bus thinking about the M by Mariah Carey fragrance after I put a bottle of it in the hands of, Suz, my friend loves everything Mariah Carey. Like Britney Spears’ Curious fragrance, she had gotten guys coming up to her and complimenting her on her fragrance. But when asked if the same thing happened when she wore her favourite Miss Dior Cherie fragrance, the answer was a simple no.

It made me wonder – if women dress for men (so the saying goes anyway, I tend to dress according to my mood and if ‘the boy’ compliments me then that is a bonus), why don’t we wear scents that men love? So Suz and I put the fragrance to the test. Last Thursday we both wore the sugary sweet M by Mariah Carey fragrance, pinging each other via email all day with various thoughts and comments. Then the following day we tried fragrances that had musk notes as well that we could wear every day – our personal favourites – Chanel Coco Mademoiselle in my case, and Miss Dior Cherie in Suz’s.

So what were the results?

Thursday: M b Mariah Carey day

Suz: It’s no secret that I adore Mariah Carey, so I knew I would love the fragrance before I even smelt it, and I did. I can’t seem to stop smelling it and staring at the pretty bottle; the fragrance is so exotic, young and sexy. My colleagues at work seemed to notice it right away, Brian said I smelt like marshmallows and the ladies said I smelt sweet. Though later Rory came in to get some paperwork and commented that something smelt like cheap aftershave – it was me. Oops. Though later that night when I was meeting the girls for after work drinks, a guy who was waiting to get served next to me commented on the smell and offered to buy me a drink, so it wasn’t a bad fragrance day after all. Curious by Britney Spears gives me similar results, so I definitely wear it when I’m in a flirty mood.

Helen: No one noticed my change in fragrance… I was slightly disappointed that no one said anything – how can I write about the different results if no one says anything? Though on to way to lunch, my friend finally said “I can smell fairy floss (cotton candy)”. And that was the extent of it. It did make me feel a little sugary sweet all day, putting me in a girly mood.

Friday: Dior and Chanel day

Suz (wearing Miss Dior Cherie): After yesterday’s experience, I was on a mission. As soon as Rory walked through the door, I demanded he smell me. Apparently I smelt like peaches. I can live with that. Either way I love Miss Dior Cherie because its so girlie and young and innocent. Like my Stella McCartney fragrance, it makes me feel happy, and that’s all that matters.


Helen (wearing Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle): No comments all day (again), but I do wear Coco Mademoiselle most of the time so they would be use to smelling it. Later that day, when I finally got sick of no comments, I asked ‘the boy’ what he thought of it, and he said he likes it better than the sweet fragrance I wore yesterday. “It’s more you”. I guess that’s something.

In Summary?

I didn’t get many comments on my fragrances, but I guess it’s better than wearing one which gets comments like “what is that smell, it smells like an 80s whore house” or “what is that cheap soap smell?” – I swear these are actual comments we’ve had about various designer fragrances that have been tested in the office. So perhaps with something that tickles our senses the most, we should choose a fragrance that makes us happy, we don’t want to be noticed by boys all day do we?

Now I want to know what fragrance do you get the most attention from boys with?

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Miss Dior Cherie, and M by Mariah Carey are in stores now. Go check them out and perhaps get a sample to try it out one your boy and work mates too.


  • Mariah Carey Fan says:

    I love love love the MC fragrance. It’s so sweet and beautiful, and goes to know she knows what men want.

  • Sarah says:

    I love Coco Mademoiselle too, but for something sexy on a night out, I definitely prefer Armani Code. It’s still a little floral but much more mysterious. Who needs to smell sweet!

  • Marie says:

    Praps its more about the how the perfume makes you feel. It sounds like your friend Suz had a more positive attitude towards the Mariah Carey perfume…maybe its how the perfume makes you feel that other people pick up on (and to a lesser extent feel the need to comment on).

  • diana says:

    i thought this post was so cute… i love miss dior cherie… however, the boys love my lotion from Laura Mercier – almond coconut milk. they think i smell like the beaches – or coconut dessert. I had approximately 3 guys surrounding me asking me what is that smell… anohter stop by as all the guys were standing around saying the smell was strong enough for them to smell it – but is the effect that lotion has.

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