Elizabeth & James by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen online now

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s contemporary sportswear collection, Elizabeth and James, is now available for you to purchase online at BergdorfGoodman.com (if you’re in the US that is – the site doesn’t ship overseason).

After a quick scan through the collection seemed to be based on clothes Mary-Kate is often snapped wearing, more than Ashley. And for a collection that is aimed at women in their “early 20s, figuring out life and just experimenting”, it is not all that affordable unless you’re first full time job is making thousands of dollars a week after bills and expenses.

“It’s a sophisticated woman with a playful side and is still chic. It’s someone who understands fashion and understands details and expects that as well. It’s [for] someone who understands the design aspects of fashion [and] the designer product, but also doesn’t want to pay designer prices,” Ashley told the WWD.

Well with the a pair of skinny pants setting you back $275, a shirt costing $225 and shorts at $225, the retail prices aren’t quite Marc Jacobs style designer prices, but more like Marc by Marc Jacob prices. So which would you choose choose to buy?

Pictured above L-R: Elizabeth & James Sequined Dress ($495); Elizabeth & James Bonfire Shirt ($225) & Super Skinny Pants ($275); Elizabeth & James Bonfire Shirt ($225), Long Muscle Tee ($95), Cocktail Shorts ($225) and Glam Jacket ($995) – made out of white dyed goat fur from China.


  • Rachel says:

    Dyed white goat fur coat for just under 1k? What young 20-something can afford THAT?!?

  • Marie says:

    The checked shirts remind me of ones you see in the clear plastic packets at the supermarket…although assumably these would be of much higher quality (and with prettier packaging!)

  • Nicole says:

    You’re right Marie! It looks like a cheap shirt. Only not flannel!

  • Lu says:

    I think the white coat was inspired by a item of clothing in the british store ‘Topshop’ I have seen Mary-kate wearing something like that that was apprently from the british store.

  • Shelley says:

    Hahaha.. without thedesigner prices. Yeah okay, I guess it’s cheap if you ARE Mary-Kate and Ashley who can afford anything they point their finger at. I would looooove to own these pieces and as for a young girl figuring out life, there is no way in hell I could ever afford that, and I’m prtty sure that would appy to 99 % of the age targeted.

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