Sienna Miller’s September US Vogue cover

In the candid shots online last month, Sienna Miller’s eye brows were very bushy and thick, her lips were very red, and her hair was very sleek. This was all because the British actress was being photographed sporting that very look for the September 2007 issue of US Vogue.

The candid shots showed Sienna being photographed with a backdrop of Cardinals dressed in red and white, while she sported Valentino. We’re assuming these particular photographs will feature inside as part of a fashion editorial in the must-read September issue. It is also Vogue’s biggest issue ever with 840 pages (apparently 727 of those are ads, goody) and features Sienna wearing Marchesa on the cover.

What do you think of the cover? At least it’s not Amy Winehouse

[Images via FashionVerbatim and JustJared]


  • Chen says:

    Hmm.. the valentino outfit looks and sits rather badly on her.

  • Kate says:

    That Valentino is hideous. It looks like a fluffy sack.

  • Rosta says:

    yeah… fucking hideous. Amy Winehouse is not my favorite but woulda brought better style. Vogue is just pretty repulsive, the things they consider “edgy” are really just quirky, and not any sort of controversial. and without a little controversy, it’s just safe and conservative. which is why I read Jane and not Vogue.

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