Owen Wilson’s ex girlfriend/Australian designer weighs in on the drama

It seems like all of Owen Wilson’s “friends” have come out of the woodwork to weigh in on the whole drama surrounding the 911 call to his house and subsequent suicide rumours.

Well up and coming Australian designer, Stephanie Conley (also known as former fiancé of Ben Watts – Naomi’s brother) has told the Daily Telegraph about her thoughts on her former flame.

“He’s a very close friend and I am terribly upset about the situation,” Conley told Confidential yesterday. “I’ve saw him very recently and he was on vacation and having such an amazing time. Obviously something has gone very wrong in his personal life since then but he was so happy – I just don’t understand.”

The pair apparently dated for much of 2005, and has remained close friends.

Read more about their relationship at News.com.au.

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