News Bites: Stella to do knickers, Zac Posen to do perfume, DVF to do shoes

Perhaps it’s a new trend for designers to branch out into accessories, lingerie and fragrances these days…

  • Stella McCartney is launching lingerie that aims to fill the niche between high end brands and low end brands. “Lingerie is an obsession of mine. Ever since my degree collection at Saint Martins, I have always used it in my work.” Hopefully they won’t be as sporty as her Addidas bra’s (pictured right). The Stella lingerie range will be created under license with Bendon, you know, the people who do Elle Macpherson’s line that covers the same niche. [via WWD]
  • Zac Posen, a darling of Anna Wintour’s and of American fashion, has signed a fragrance licensing deal with Selective Beauty. Finally someone who signs a fragrance deal that isn’t a celebrity. [Via WWD] (Speaking of fragrances, I smelt Mariah Carey’s new fragrance recently, and it’s very frou frou and sugarly).
  • Diane von Furstenberg, queen of all wrap dresses and a fan of Christian Louboutin shoes is looking to create shoes for her own brand. She’s signed a licensing deal to create shoes for next spring. “I wanted to create shoes for the woman on-the-go and always on her feet,” von Furstenberg said. [Via WWD]

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