Neiman Marcus celebrates its 100th Anniversary

When people turn 100, if you’re a British colony, you get a letter from the Queen and/or the Governor-General. But things are a bit different if you’re say… an American department store.

Neiman Marcus celebrates their 100th anniversary this month, in style. They arranged for dozens of its best vendors to provide special merchandise for the occasion, according to the WWD.

Prada has produced about 20 items, ranging from shoes to accessories to ready-to-wear. And you can be sure they are exclusive: The handbags come with “Prada for Neiman Marcus 1907-2007” embossed or on a decorative tag, while the shoes bear a heel plate, a sole plate or other marking with the anniversary logo. Retail prices range from $295 for a belt to $8,990 for a crocodile clutch. Shoes start around $995 for sporty styles and go up to $4,500 for crocodile pumps.

Well… it’s a good thing I have a holiday planned in Hawaii soon – which just so happens to have a Neiman Marcus. One of a kind Prada pumps anyone?

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  • kim says:

    And their 100th anniversary catolog is really nice, too, with the biggest surprise being that it includes Linda Evangelista. She is like a living, breathing work of art.

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