More about Kate Moss’ Kate fragrance

She named her first fragrance after herself, and also modeled in the advertising campaign. But when it’s your first fragrance, can you blame Kate Moss?

The fragrance is classified as a floral musk with top notes of orange blossom absolute, forget-me-not and pink pepper. “When I put it on I want to feel fresh and light and as the day goes on I want to feel sexier,” Kate said.

Though according to Fashionista, not everyone agree’s:

“The smell is very sweet, very basic, and very destined to cloud the air at New Look and other teen hangouts.”

“I’m going to dump out the perfume,” says one UK source, “Because the smell is really stupid. But then I’m going to use the bottle to hold all my rolled cigarettes.”

Not quite the rave reviews Kate is use to…

The fragrance made in collaboration with beauty giant, Coty, will hit shelves in Europe and Asia this September, then America and the rest of the world later in the year. It will retail at about $27 – $60.

[Edit August 2007: Click here to read reviews of the Kate by Kate Moss fragrance]

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  • kate says:

    I’m really not taken at all by the celebrity perfumes. I don’t get it. Especially Kate Moss… I really don’t imagine her to smell particularly nice. She conjures cigarette scent when I look at her.

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