La Saga John Galliano, a documentary

Go back to 1994 in this John Galliano documentry titled, La Saga John Galliano, to hear about how Anna Winter and Andre Leon Talley helped John Galliano show a spring collection in 1994. Learn about his upbringing in Gibraltar (a British overseas territory on the border of southern Spain), and how his work in theatre and punk influenced his work to this day.

The 5 part documentary was filmed in the early 2000’s also features the likes of Steven Robinson (his right hand man), Amanda Harlech (his left hand woman), and Helena Christensen, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell on the catwalk.

It is a must-watch documentary for Galliano fans – check out how fresh faced Galliano looked with the long shoulder-length hair and glasses.. To watch the rest of the clips (featured above is part 1) see below.

If you watched (and liked) Signe Chanel, you’ll be intrigued by this too.