Kylie Minogue dress, like a challenge from Project Runway

There was a time when Kylie Minogue could not take a step wrong in the fashion stakes, some could say it started in the late 90s and lasted for a good 6 – 7 years thanks to her good friend and former stylist, William Baker.

Now we get pictures of Kylie Minogue trying to channel Marilyn Monroe, or wearing dresses that look like they’ve been created by Project Runway competitors for the Supermarket (aka Innovation, Season 1), Garden Party (Season 2), Waste Not, Want Not (Season 3), challenges. Or perhaps it’s the Grammy’s dress Austin Scarlett designed.

I don’t like how the purple straps are just so binding and ruched… then you have the blue bits and the chains holding it all together in the middle. Scary.

What do you think of Kylie’s dress?

P.S. It is actually an Emanuel Ungaro dress. At least the mini YSL Downtown bag in her hand is super cute…


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