Jimmy Choo’s $28,000 Bari bag

A bag that comes with its own fur blanket, what a luxury. Jimmy Choo have just released the Bari bag, a crocodile skin bag that comes with its own fur blanket.

The Bari bag is part of Jimmy Choo’s new Jet Set collection, and will set you back $28,000, which is priced perfectly for the world’s contingent of jet setters who can afford life’s extravagant luxuries.

“It’s really a reflection of the times,” Jimmy Choo president, Tamara Mellon told The Daily. “With the increase in private air travel comes a demand for the epitome in luxury.”

The bag was created in collaboration with creative director Sandra Choi, and features a sturdy and sleek Bugatti construction. The bag also expands to allow for more storage space – in case you do an extra spot of shopping. Or you need more room for your miniature pet dog.

[Via The Daily]

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