Fashion features: Amanda Harlech, Secret World of Haute Couture and ‘Fashionese’

While I love reading my daily list of blogs, I also love reading fashion features. Where fashion journalists delve a little deeper into their pocket books for all the right contacts speckled with fantastic insider tidbits that only someone who would have been in the industry for years would know.

Here’s three recent articles to check out:

  • How did Amanda Harlech become a Lady, as well as a muse to John Galliano and Karl Largerfeld. [Guardian]
  • Another documentary about the world of Haute Couture called The Secret World of Haute Couture has been made by filmmaker Margy Kinmonth is set to be released. [The Australian]
  • Fashion vocabulary, can you speak it or do you not understand it at all? Well after reading this piece on the Guardian website I didn’t even know those existed! [Guardian]