Did Sarah Jessica Parker and Steve & Barry’s copy a designer bag?

When will this whole fast fashion copying high fashion thing get old. Fashionista picked up the fact that a Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker hand bag (RRP $9.98) was very similar to a Anna Corinna bag (the City tote’s RRP is $384 – $480) back in June.

When said bags were pictured in a recently New York Times article penned by Erin Wilson, the people at Steve & Barry’s have released a statement saying that the “prototype of a bag Sarah Jessica Parker and the Bitten design team never approved for production was inadvertently produced by Steve & Barry’s,” Howard Schacter, chief partnership officer, said.

“When the error was discovered, production of the bag was immediately stopped. It was never put on sale at Steve & Barry’s stores, and images of it were eliminated from all marketing materials. This unfortunate incident has resulted in Steve & Barry’s examining its entire production process and making appropriate changes to help ensure this type of error doesn’t happen in the future.”

This is definitely not the first time the Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker for Steve & Barry’s collection has come under fire. I wonder what’s next…

And the other questions that remain are: Was the bag really not produced? What about all the other high street copies out there? Topshop just paid Chloe off, will other fast fashion brands do the same?

[Via the WWD.com]