Christian Lacroix for La Redoute available online now!

Have you been to the La Redoute website lately? Because the Christian Lacroix collection for the French store is now available online.

There aren’t many pieces of clothes to choose from, there but there a great selection of home decor items. With Lily Cole modeling the few fashion looks, you had better hurry up and jump on the website to get your piece. I just love the spills and frills of the ruffled trench coat, it’s such a art deco inspired collection which is such a refreshing change.

L-R: Christian Lacroix Falbala trench coat, Christian Lacroix Sevillane dress, Christian Lacroix Hacienda cowboy boots.


  • Bwca says:

    Hi SassyBella -I just found your page via Australian Index – when I saw the Lacroix photo I just had to click …
    I wish I had the lifestyle which required me to own those Hacienda boots.
    One issue which fashion journalism ignores completely is The Older Woman.
    The woman who wants to enjoy current ‘looks’ but cannot buy the r-t-w because it is all too ‘jeune fille’.
    I still have every single British Vogue from 1970-73, in Vogue binders. Those were the days: Bill Gibb, Pablo & Delia, Zandra Rhodes.
    USA fashion was rubbish back then, until Halston emerged.
    Recent HELLO! magazine (with Posh Spice in pink on cover I think) had pages of the Valentino festival in Rome – I hope you saw it.
    Dress UP!

  • Helen says:

    Hi Bwca,

    Thanks for your feedback – I wish I could buy the shoes too. I guess one of the reason’s fashion journalism focuses on the younger crowds is because they are suppose to be the ones more willing to spend up big on the latest fashions. I do wonder what the median age fashion journalists are as well, and if that plays a part in the fashion they know most about.

    I didn’t see the latest Hello mag… awww. I did see the pictures from the Valentino anniversary on Getty though. So glam.

    Hope you come back to!

    xx Helen

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