Camilla and Marc’s Juliet silk blouse – get it on sale

Earlier this month I read that Net-A-Porter is now stocking Aussie brand Camilla and Marc, and I was actually quite impressed. Until I realized today that they were stocking pieces that are from the Australian winter 2007 season just finished.

You see, Australia is essentially a season behind the Northern Hemisphere. So we Aussies have winter while the fabulous summer trends are being played out, then finally when it’s summer here all the pretty trends hit our shores.*

Anyway, I digress. While Camilla and Marc is a new label on Net-A-Porter, the new winter pieces in stock is so last season. This gorgeous gold Camilla and Marc silk top is available on Net-A-Porter for £212.77 (approx US$430), but is on sale now at for AUD$287 (approx $235).

Which would you prefer paying?

So if you’re a fan of Australian fashion, buy it from Australian online stores, most of them ship overseas and you’ll get them before boutiques like Net-A-Porter who won’t have them in stock for a few more months.

*Though recently high end designer labels and a few international chain stores (i.e. Mango/MNG) have just filled their boutiques with the same pieces as Europe and America


  • Anonymous says:

    This is a rather common accurance occurrence with brands that aren’t from Europe and North America, which is fantastic for us because we just might be able to get a up and coming brand for less!

  • Nicola says:

    That’s a gorgeous top!

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