Balenciaga’s extreme Winter 07/08 shoes

Nicholas Ghesquière is known for his talent for reinventing fashion through his ground breaking work at Balenciaga, but has he gone too far with these shoes from the fall winter 2007/08 collection?

They look like someone has taken a perfectly good pair of sports shoes and tried to make them office friendly. Perhaps it’s a idea that could help to curb the people who wear runners out of the office to and from home – you know, the ones who pair skirt suits with white scrunch socks and runners. Though that is highly unlikely.
Who do you think would be bold enough to wear this fierce look? All bets are on for Victoria Beckham (she was seen sporting similar shoes recently) and maybe Chloe Sevigny.

On another note, can you believe that Nicholas is in his 10th year at the Gucci Group owned fashion house?

Top row (L-R): Close front cage sandals with ankle pads, Close front cage sandals with ankle pads, Open toed cage sandals with ankle pads.

Bottom row (L-R): Boots with badger trim, Satin leather open toed ankle boots, Closed front cage boots.


  • kate says:

    I would possibly wear the top left pair, but the others are a little too out there.

    And don’t get me started on open toed boots.

  • Chen says:

    Wow! I love the colourful ones, I would definitely wear those. And I agree with kate- open toed boots are just retarded.

  • Susan says:

    i can see the olsen twins wearing these!!!!!

  • Anne says:

    Christ, these are all hideous. Shoes for morons.

  • Sophie says:

    I love these shoes (except for the furry ones)! They’re so different and modern. I think they’re really cool and I can definitely see the Olsens wearing them.

  • Shannon says:

    Beyonce wore the colorful pair at the top right corner last night at the American Music Awards. They looked hot!

  • MISSHELLA1S says:

    NEED..THOSE…SHOES…ASAP…!HOW..MUST…I..GET…THEM?????? *this is a serious matter i have a serious fetish for shoes i cant sleep or eat once i see a pair i want so i have to have them no matter WHAT*

  • Nico says:

    maybe you don’t like them but they were sold out everywhere before they received them in shops! really.
    they are just perfect and modern.
    If you don’t look like victoria beckham, thoses shoes won’t make you look like her. A pair of shoes can’t make you look vulgar if you’re not. everything is about elegance in the way you move, talk and behave.
    (sorry for my english)

  • Helen says:

    You’re 100% right Nico about shoes not making you look vulgar if you don’t dress and act like someone who is. But for me, beauty was definitely in the eye of the beholder when it comes to most fashion forward shoes, and I didn’t see it in these. I tend to like more classically beautiful shoes with a touch of modern features.

  • CHRISTIAN says:


  • magalee says:

    These shoes are f$%king OVER…… I love them

  • RoboNikki says:

    I would kill someone for the top middle and top left pairs. Well, maybe not. But I still love them.

    I can understand people not liking these shoes; people have varying taste and some people prefer more classic beauty, like Helen stated she prefers, and that’s a totally valid reason.

    However I don’t like safe beauty, and I feel like disliking a garment because it’s too “out there” as other people have claimed it to be is just another way of saying that it’s too “daring”, and that one is scared of what other people would think. I guess there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but I don’t like people criticizing others for liking daring fashion, such as the person in comment no. 4 did. How do shoes make you a moron, regardless of how risque they are?

  • Katy says:

    I wish I had these shoes, I would totally wear them out wearing them every day and my friends would all stare at me but I WOULDN’T CARE, they are BEAUTIFUL!!! They are like heavy-duty hiking stilettos, and the second/third ones remind me of Legos!!! 😀
    Eclectic is the way to go, my fellow stylistas!!!

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