Ask Helen: Are wide legged jeans cool?

“I’ve been seeing wide legged jeans in all the magazines, are they seriously cool again?” – Sarah

Of course wide legged jeans are cool. If all the celebrities are wearing it them it must be true right? Well not always. It’s like high school all over again, if a whole group of people are wearing the same trend it could be a new trend. But it doesn’t always work for everyone.

So to answer your question… they’re not entirely cool (I much prefer straight legged denim myself). But if you do want to wear them don’t do it sixties-super-wide-legged-style so that all the material starts flapping in the wind. Keep to dark colours and sleek lines. It will also help if you’re tall like Katie Holmes (pictured right) as it can be a rather boy-ish look, which will shorten your silhouette.

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  • Chen says:

    I have a lee pair and they’re very comfortable but not very fashionable. I have never seen anyone who can pull it off, even Holmes is swimming in denim.

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