3 Questions with: Jezebel

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This week we have a chat to Anna at Jezebel.

– Tell us a little about Jezebel?
I think Jezebel is still evolving but my vision for the site is that it serve as an antidote to all the misogynistic, inane, and superficial celebrity gossip and fashion sites out there. We try to cover issues women are interested in (aforementioned celebrity/fashion) but with an edge and a nod to the fact that we know (and our readers know) just how meaningless and ridiculous these topics are in the large scheme of things. We also focus on issues affecting women that aren’t given much play either on the web or in the mainstream media. And although we’re geared towards women, I hear we have some male readers, which of course, we’re thrilled about.

– Who/what are 3 topics or people who you could do without posting about for the next 12 months and why.
I wish there weren’t so many stories about young female celebrities self-destructing – if we could go without posting about Lindsay, Britney, etc. I would be a very happy woman. I’d also love it if there were no stories about girls who hate their bodies and subsequently, hate themselves; the age at which girls begin to feel pressure to look a certain way seems to be getting younger and younger.

Lastly, I’d love to stop posting about how awful women’s magazines are; from the airbrushed covers to the ridiculous stories on dating/sex appeal/weight loss and overpriced merchandise featured inside, they do very little (if any!) service to the contemporary young women, encouraging them to obsess over appearances rather than focus on their (and others’) insides.

– If you were to hide out from the paparazzi or the stalkers wanting to be you, where would you go and what would you take with you?
This question assumes I have stalkers or paparazzi, which, thankfully, I don’t! But if I DID, I guess I would go to my mom’s house in Northern California or to my boyfriend’s mum’s home in Brisbane (they don’t have paparazzi there, do they?). IDEALLY, however, I’d rent a camper van of some sort and visit all the National Parks on the mainland U.S. – I’m pretty sure paparazzi and stalkers don’t have the tolerance for camping out and cooking over campfires, not to mention swarms of mosquitoes!

As for what I would bring: I’d love to bring my cats but hey don’t like change. I’d bring a few books, including an anthology of the writings of John Muir and John James Audubon (naturalists whom I admire and whose work is able to transport me to a different place and time, when the U.S. was a wilderness, not a series of parking lots and shopping malls). I guess I’d bring my computer, but I feel guilty saying that – I do like keeping up on the news however (maybe I’d only go online once every 3-4 days?). I would not bring a cell phone (hate them) but would bring a camera, notebook, and hopefully my boyfriend, if he could take the time off of work. I’d also bring a comfy pair of shoes, comfy clothes, and my contact lenses so I could see. Basically, I’d want to use the opportunity to escape to leave pretty much everything I normally focus on behind… including the blog! 🙂

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