Work for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s The Row

First things first, can you:

  • draw flat sketches
  • organize inventory for development and market samples
  • source fabric
  • find inspiration material
  • working on excel spreadsheets; and
  • run errands?

Oh and are you willing to work for free? Well then Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s new clothing label, The Row, would love for you to apply.

While they won’t pay you with $$, you may make some decent industry contact and supplement the cost of living by purchasing The Row pieces at wholesale price and selling them on again on eBay. That is, if you are allowed to purchase pieces at wholesale price. Click here for the full ad on Craigslist.

And hopefully by running errands they don’t mean buying toilet paper and dog bones like I had to for my ‘Devil Wears Prada’-esque boss at this fashion company I did an internship at.

What errands do you think you’ll have to do for the Olsen’s and their team of designers and office staff?

To help you along, starting learning how to order Mary-Kate’s choice of Starbucks drink.

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