News bites: Feel sorry for Lindsay, Mariah Carey fragrance launch, Prada sells Alaia, Spades leave Kate Spade

So much news going around who can keep up? Here’s some of our favourites flying around the web in the last few days…

How does Hollywood and the industry give stars like Lindsay Lohan a ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ complex. Give them freebies and make them think they’re entitled to everything of course! [Jezebel]

Apparently there was a faux M by Mariah Carey fragrance campaign image. Well that was solved when the fragrance was launched in Australia. Again my invite was lost in the mail, my Mariah look-a-like buddy will just have to wait like everyone else for a bottle. [CatwalkQueen]

Prada sells the Alaïa label back to Azzedine Alaïa. Did Prada need the money? Then again with the boom of the Prada and Miumiu label, who needs to talk money. Let’s just assume millions and millions. This is a much better outcome than the whole Roland Mouret name/company kafuffle. [The Daily]

Kate Spade and her husband Andy are stepping down as head designer and CEO of the company they founded. Well after Liz Claiborne brought the company last year, the company is bound for big things right? And the Spades are probably due for a big, long holiday. [Fashion Wire Daily]