Marc Jacobs jealous of John Galliano?

Frillr is reporting that super tan Marc Jacobs is jealous of costume king, John Galliano, reportedly trash-mouthing his rival during workouts at the David Barton Gym on West 23rd Street.

According to a Page Six spy, the American designer “Marc and his trainer always talk very loudly – it’s annoying. All he does is complain about Galliano – even after [Galliano’s best friend and right-hand man] Stephen Robinson died in April. It was disgusting. He’s so jealous of John.”

What’s to be jealous about? They’re both creative directors at iconic French fashion houses, they both design ready-to-wear collections under their own names… and both one of them designs Haute Couture.

[Sourced from Frillr]

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  • robert says:

    So am I the only one to notice that Marc Jacobs is slowly morphing into Calvin Klein??

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