I spy… Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum with their pink ostrich skin Hermes Birkin bags

Victoria Beckham was recently snapped in LA wearing a pink Roland Mouret Moon dress, and matched it with a super exclusive pink ostrich skin Hermes Birkin bag. How many Hermes Birkin’s and Kelly’s does that woman own??

Anyway, a few days later, perhaps inspired by Posh Spice, Heidi Klum was spotted toting a pink ostrich skin Hermes Birkin bag around too, only she was looking a lot more casual. Wearing a cap, t-shirt, grey skinny jeans and leopard print ballet flats, the Project Runway host was photographed talking on her mobile.

Who looks better with the pink Birkin on their arm, Victoria or Heidi?


  • Anthony says:

    as much as i love victoria.. i’d say hedi.. victoria did overkill with pink

  • kate says:

    Bit of pink overload with VB, but Heidi’s outfit makes the bag look like it must be a cheap impostor.

  • Tary says:

    Definitely Hedi. The whole pink look was too much on the eye. But Hedi could have done better by dressing up a little if she gonna carry that bag

  • Fashion Critic says:

    Hey…I thought you could not say Roland Mouret…You said it had to read RM designed by Roland Mouret 🙂

  • Sophia says:

    neither. but since i hate victoria beckham i’d say hedi lol

  • Vuitton Don says:

    Both ladies are fierce… BTW, if you can afford to rock a Hermes Croc, you can look anyway you choose. Lest we forget, the bag speaks for itself!

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