Gwen Stefani files lawsuit against Forever 21

US retail chain, Forever 21, is known for their fast turn over of catwalk inspired pieces, and Gwen Stefani thinks they are too inspired by her Harajuku Lovers and L.A.M.B. clothing lines. She is sueing the company for selling merchandise “virtually indistinguishable” from her Harajuku Lovers range.

A spokeswoman for the company who represents Gwen’s clothing line told FashionWeekDaily that they ” feel that both our L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers designs have been infringed upon by Forever 21 and we plan to vigorously protect our intellectual property.”

This law suit follows one Diane von Furstenberg Studio filed against Forever 21 in March.

Can you find examples of Forever 21 pieces that is inspired by Stefani’s clothes?


  • Dana says:

    I really like both of the brands it sucks there ripping her styles off but at the same time alot of people cant afford harajuku

  • Wendy says:

    OK, so tell me where is HELLO KITTY’s lawsuit against ol Gwen? And another some of her designs my sister was wearing in the sixties. HMM I think I recall my mother designing one of those, I bet I could pull up a photograph of it, and if it matches I HAVE A SUIT! Now see how stupid this is, get real! So F21 provides afordable clothing to us poor folk, without us poor folk Gwen wouldn’t be as rich or as famous as she is. Get over it, you have enough money already. Take it as a form of flattery.

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