Emma Watson wears Chanel again and again at the Harry Potter premier’s

She’s the 17 year old star female star from the Harry Potter movies, and now Emma Watson is growing into quite the high fashion princess. At the London premier for the latest Harry Potter movie, Emma Watson walked down the red carpet in a navy blue dress with matching navy pumps. The dress was a modified Chanel fall haute couture 2006 dress with a pretty jeweled brooch and jeweled straps. Adorable.

Then at the Paris premiere a few days later, Emma chose another navy Chanel fall 2006 haute couture dress with bead trimmed cap shoulders and belt detail. Sweet.

When the L.A. premier came around, bets were that Emma would wear another Chanel fall 2006 haute couture dress – but she surprised us all a little with her choice. The dress of choice was a pretty white Chanel Spring 2007 halter neck dress embellished with a spray of multicolored jewels. The silver flats and pulled back hair was perfect with the sun shining down on her gorgeous skin.

Which was your favourite Emma Watson outfit?


  • shopdiary says:

    i love emma! she’s too cute! i can’t wait for the upcoming harry potter movie and book as well.

  • jacobins says:

    i like how she wears chanel, though it is very expensive and stuff. but she has got me on it, love, love, love Chanel.

  • betty says:

    Emma Watson is enough pretty herself and with those gorgeous Chanel dresses she looks perfect. PLUS she wears them so much better than the models!

  • Jacobins says:

    i am i big fan of emma, and i think she wears Chanel well, and she is doing the dresses justice. good on her.

  • Rania says:

    i hear that Emma is becoming the new face of Chanel
    if it happens i think she would be great!

  • Simone D'Orsonne says:

    fantastic, and she looks so confident too as though she really doesn’t care what you think. Terrific choices. Such a departure from other famous young ladies (?).

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