Don’t be fooled by the Sisley Fall 07/08 sniffing vest campaign

The so called Sisley “sniffing a vest” fall 2007/08 advertising campaign (pictured above left) turns out to be a fake. Blogs all over the web weren’t quite sure what to think of the campaign which alluded to the use of drugs and alcohol.

Well as it turns out Sisley and the Benetton company have nothing to do with the images as they have said in a statement.

Their Fall 2007/08 campaign actually features long time model Stephanie Seymour (pictured for Sisley, above right).


  • Tary says:

    Is it a deliberate attempt to smear the reputation of Benetton and Sisley? It seems like a satire look at the world of modelling and fashion. After all, there are many well known personalities in the fashion industry that indulges in drugs and alcohol. And the true figure is probably a lot more than publicly known.

  • george says:

    Thank god that was a fake. I had the razor on my wrist when my assistant Bonto rushed up from his room under the stairs and told me about it in his pigeon-Englishy way. I still punished him for speaking out of turn and in doing so showing me the psychedelic nightmare that is his teeth, but it stopped me from going back to cutting myself for attention for the moment, and isn’t that what matters?

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