Did you miss out on buying Josh Goot for Target Australia?

The Josh Goot for Target collection was released last month to very little fanfare (perhaps people were scared off by the high return rate of the Stella for Target Australia collection?). Then after it was released we got word that it was all too big, too long and just too much costly for the product (even though it was a fraction of what Josh Goot’s pieces would have been worth with the Target label).

Well we were told that Target Australia have sent out a promotion through the Vogue Australia database of subscribers with a 25% off offer until August 8. We’d give you more details but then I would have had to have gotten one… who knows if I’m still signed up to get weekly advertising material.

Please go pick up a piece with the discount – they all look so sad hanging on lonely Target shelves. Do keep in mind you will probably want to snip at least 2 inches off the hemline if you buy a dress. The last time I was in Target, there were pieces in all colours and sizes.

[Edit] Lizzie forwarded a copy to me, thanks! Click on the image to get the full sized voucher.

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