Did you know Ray Bans is 70 years old?

Before brands like Dolce and Gabanna, Prada and Marc Jacobs made sunglasses, Ray Bans were making sunglasses for the in the United States Air Force. Ray Ban was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb when commissioned by the US Air Force to make sunglasses, and are responsible for two of the most well sought after sunglass models at the moment – the Aviator and Wayfarer style sunglasses.

I must admit I was too young to get in on the Wayfarer trend when they were cool the first time around, but that hasn’t stopped other people my age to jump on the trend and fork out over $150 for a pair. Celebrities just love their Ray Bans, with the Mary-Kate Olsen, Kirsten Dunst, Mischa Barton, Chloe Sevigny, Lindsay Lohan, and Sienna Miller often snapped with a pair on. Sienna loves her red pair so much she paired them with everything.

Do you own a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers?

Did you buy it recently, or borrowed them for good from a relatives wardrobe?


  • kate says:

    My boyfriend has work Rayban Wayfarers since I first met him. I always thought they were a little dorky and dated. I forgot my sunglasses when I was driving a couple of hours north and so he lent me the wayfarers to wear while driving. Yeah, I also felt dated and dorky wearing them.

    I totally do NOT get the Wayfarer thing. Though I do find it oddly cute that my fashion shunning boyfriend is wearing the most up to the minute trend at the moment.

  • Dana Rose says:

    Definetly some long history behind it , i didnt think they would come back into style like they did though !

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