Blog bites: Jezebel reveals… McGregor for Davidoff… Victoria’s in America

Just a few bits and bobs travelling around the web…

  • Have you see Jezebel’s exclusive before and after photoshopping of a Redbook cover featuring Faith Hill? Lumps, bumps and wrinkles were removed for the final picture. Nothing new, but the leak itself is quite amusing.
  • The revealed that Ewan McGregor (remember him as the adorable write in Moulin Rouge?) will be the new face of a new Davidoff men’s fragrance. I wonder if it will be as big a hit as their Cool Water.
  • Did you watch Victoria Beckham: Coming to America? I loved that she confronted Perez Hilton and he looked like a shocked monkey, and her clever use of ‘major’ instead of saying a critical word. It was interesting to see what the woman who’s photographed so much was like. What did you think of Victoria?