Armani Prive Haute Couture FW 2007/08

What more do you expect of Giorgio Armani? He’s doing red carpet worthy gowns with such ease that I wasn’t disappointed with his latest haute couture offering for the elite who can afford to buy his gowns or those with a profiles high enough to loan them.

He started off his fall haute couture collection from pretty tailored pieces consisting of waisted jackets, tuxedo suits and pretty dresses all belted down tight at the waist to create an hour glass figure out of the fashion model bodies. The colours were a world away from the muted colours usually reserved by Armani, this time citing David Bowie as an inspiration. Shocking pinks, tangerines and feather boa’s in a rainbow of colour was a refreshing change.

My favourite pieces were the breathe taking sparkly cocktail and red carpet gowns with plunging sweetheart necklines. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then these dresses would be your friends for life. Who would have thought that Mr Armani is about to celebrate his 73rd birthday.

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