A Hermes Naomi bag?

Luxury French fashion house Hermes are known for three things, the Hermes Kelly (created in the 1930s and renamed for Grace Kelly in the 1950s), the Hermes Birkin (co-designed by Jane Birkin and president Jean-Louis Dumas), and the Hermes scarves.

Now the Style.com blog, Style File, is reporting that another bag collaboration could be in the works with Naomi Campbell working on a Hermes tote that may bear her name.

No doubt if this rumour is true then Naomi would have one in every exotic skin Hermes use (alligator, crocodile, ostrich and lizard). As long as Naomi isn’t in charge of monitoring the speed of the assembling line.

It’s all a bit rich to have Naomi have her own bag, when a style icon like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis didn’t even a Hermes bag named after her, even though she was a big fan of the Hermes Constance and Trim bags.

What do you think?

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  • Bijoux says:

    There is no way that mean cow should have a bag named after her. Grace Kelly was an elegant lady of her time both in her looks and the way she behaved. Jane Birkin embodied the beauty of the sixties youth culture, the natural engenue.

    Naomi Campbell is a spoiled narcissistic raging psychopath of a female who is a legend and icon in her own mind. She is just another aging model. She hits (usually white) women with cell phones for not doing her bidding. She is nothing to look up to. She would not reflect well on Hermes. She would cheapen their luxury brand image.

    I’d rather see an Iman bag than a Naomi bag. Iman is an elegant and classy lady. Naomi is not. I would not want a ‘Naomi bag’ and it would make me think less of Hermes.

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