Victoria Beckham’s bag and shoes in LA

Victoria Beckham is making headlines in America at the moment, but all I really am paying attention to is her clothes. Either she is spending up big, or designers are throwing suitcases of clothes at her, because she never seems to wear the same thing twice and her clutch bags are always bigger than her skirts.

That Jimmy Choo convertible patent clutch is rather unsightly, and probably has more material (leather) in it than the skirt she’s wearing. The sunnies are something cool and different, if I must admit it.

Though, what is with those crocodile-skin lace-up boots? Why wear boots if they’re open toed?

What do you think?


  • Susan says:

    my mango sunnies are EXACTLY like that but the white ones. they had gold/brown ones too. Hmmmmmm

  • Kate says:

    I think she lost a few more brain cells in her trip stateside. Her dress sense seems to have become even more bizarre, if that is even possible. What on EARTH was with the corset and knickers outfit?

  • aiDoll says:

    i love v’s style – she always looks like her namesake ‘posh’. and those boots i can wear back home where it’s sunny all year long, no problem. a clutch like that with white skinnies.. *SWOON* those sunnies are tdf! =D she picks out good stuff, for sure.

    about the corset and shorts combo, i thought she looked fabolous 😉 probably better for an after-party though =p and please v, i think you look better with the caramel locks =( though i have to give you kudos for trying a new look =)


  • Sophia says:

    she looks so cartoonish she barely looks like human anymore… scary!

  • Becky says:

    These are Azzedine Alaia boots !

  • angela says:

    im trying to find those peep toe boots.. and i cant find them anywhere!! i need help

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