Peta launches anti fur campaign against Burberry (with the help of Stella McCartney)

PETA have planned a protest outside of a Burberry store in North Carolina in the USA today. They will to wear nothing but splatters of fake blood and a banner that mimics Burberry’s signature pattern and reads, “When Plaid Goes Bad”.

Apparently PETA showed Burberry executives video footage of how animals caught in traps often resort to chewing off their own legs in order to escape and how animals on fur farms are gassed, electrocuted, or have their necks broken. But because Burberry have continued to sell fur, they’re going to campaign in front of their store in hope they will listen this way.

“I’ll gladly bare my skin if it will help save animals’ skins,” says PETA’s Peggy Chung. “Even in the 21st century – with so many stylish, comfortable alternatives to fur available — Burberry is supporting one of the most hideous industries on the planet.”

The protest today will also include extra PETA members handing out leaflets and show PETA’s fur-farm video narrated by Stella McCartney which shows how countless animals suffer and die to become part of a Burberry coat. This is not the first time PETA have protested outside a Burberry store, they launched a campaign outside a London Burberry store in November last year (pictured above), doing exactly what they’re planning to do in NC.

This is the second time Burberry have come under fire in the last few months. Earlier this year, news about Burberry closing its Welsh factory had thousands protest against the company all over Great Britian.

Check out the video below, and if you’re intrigued by the campaign, visit

Warning, the video may not be the faint hearted.

In related news, Stella McCartney is launching a virtual anti-fur protest within the online community of Second Life. On July 12, the designer and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will cohost an event on a specially created island in the virtual world. Characters will be able to wear t-shirts bearing the slogan, “I’d rather be pixilated than wear fur”. Click here for more information.


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